World Religions - Original Sin – Garden of Eden Tablets - Learning from History Part 16

Barbara Joy O’Brien in her Unity of Truth chapter 10, in the Genius of the Few, refers to the firm belief of Helene Blavatsky in a prehistoric Secret Doctrine, which she held to be the universal religion of that time. The O’Brien’s research accords with that view, where improved translations of the Secrets of Enoch specifically refer to the Lord of the Spirits having initiated such a doctrine as early as 7,200 BC predating the Vedas, and showing that the benevolent disseminators of all forms of learning were the Shining Ones (Elohim) in the ha’shemim (planted highlands). Further Golden Age Project research has identified Druidism as the source of the Way, during the Golden Age of the City States, each dedicated to one or more of the Shining Ones, before 2,345 BC. An ordered and disciplined social organisation and cohesion through craft trades and guilds, with an educated king and circle of trained advisors delivering freedom, justice, leisure and instruction to both men and women, thereby providing equal rights under the law to every citizen – the true meaning of democracy. The rule of law being the precursor to freedom. All from one benevolent source.

The principle feature of Catholicism, as opposed to British Christianity, is that we are all judged to be born sinful. This came about at the time of Augustine of Hippo (North Africa), who had referred to the Books of Enoch (SE XIX:l-S PP), Church Cannon at the time in 390 AD. He misunderstood the fact that Angels were studying Mankind and recording the behavior of men, and how they live - they were not concerned with 'guilt' or 'original sin’, which can now be seen as superimpositions by later, misunderstanding, religious interpreters – Christian O’Brien in the Genius of the Few.

This policy has become enshrined in European Law in that guilt is assumed until proven innocent, contrary to British Law, which decrees that a person is innocent until proven guilty, a crucial human right. The Catholic Church has exploited their version of original sin in order to be able to offer forgiveness in exchange for money, and this dogma has been imitated by many Christian Churches.

Augustine of Hippo was challenged in Britain by Morgan or Morien, 20th Abbot of Bangor on Dee (known by his Roman name as Pelagius), who presented the Druidic doctrine with regard to the nature and freewill of man. Because of his principles and the hostility towards those closely linked to the new religion of Rome, he resigned from Bangor, and as our leading intellectual was sent by a Synod at Winchester, to take on these issues direct with the church authorities in Rome. He made many friends, but he and his colleague Caelestus representing Ireland and Scotland, had to suffer seven Catholic Church Council hearings around the Mediterranean, until they were finally unjustly confirmed as heretics by followers of Augustine of Hippo at the Council of Carthage. After the most eloquent (fluent Greek), exemplary and authoritive attempt to preserve the Druid principle of freewill, Pelagius returned to die in his native land. Augustine, who had unjustly insisted upon the Catholic dogma of original sin and divine grace was killed by Arian Christian Vandals in North Africa, who were following the same intellectual path as Pelagius.

It is memorable that Pelagius, when 20th Abbot of Bangor, on receiving an admonition from the bishops of Gaul and Italy, including the Bishop of Rome - on the latitudinarian nature of his principles - returned it with the observation: - Sola in Britannia Ecclesia Britannica jude – Only in Britain is the British Church judged.

For further information please visit www.goldenageproject.org.uk


Jesus and Thomas - Druid Philosophy and Practice - Learning from History Part 13

Part 13 focuses on the missing years in the popular history of Jesus and his twin brother Thomas. Their Druid (Essene) education and their links between the centres of learning in Alexandria and Qumran, the Court of Herod in Judea, Augustus in Rome, and the Court of the British Kings. This wide knowledge and experience was greatly influenced by mother Mary, step father Joseph of Arimathea, and ultimately half-brother James. Joseph had inherited the Roman title ha rama theo, (not Arimathea), meaning exalted of the Gods, from his father and the family role of running the trade routes for the Roman Emperors from Rome, passed on to James. Both twins were therefore extremely well educated, very well connected, well-travelled and are subsequently widely regarded as Christian role models today amongst the world’s religious populations. They had restated the core values of the world’s original laws (Edicts of An and Enlil), together with the social organisation system, which evolved from the Shining Ones (Elohim), reaching a peak in the Golden Age of the City States before 2,345 BC, and maintained in the British Isles under the Druids, till full Roman occupation.

The primary evidence for these findings is to be found in the genealogical records and Christian O’Brien’s translation and re-arrangement of the Askew and Bruce Codices, 2nd century AD Egyptian Coptic copies of the original documents recording the spoken words of Jesus the Nazarene. He was teaching the ancient druidic/oriental wisdom of Surat (soul), Shabab (word), Yoga (union) to his inner circle of both men and women after his Crucifixion. His words were recorded and witnessed by the disciple scribes Matthew, Philip and Thomas; a requirement of authentication under Hebraic law. All well-educated and connected young men were expected to complete their education at Druid centres in Britain. The comparisons between the long standing social organisation success of the Druids in Britain, and the failures of Rome, are set out clearly, along with the notable exception of Augustus and Tiberius’s Pax Romana from 27BC to 37AD. Emperor Tiberius Caesar, son of Augustus’ second wife and Rome’s greatest General, was father of the twins born in 7AD. Following their success as peacemakers in Britain, he sent them to Judea in 30 AD in an attempt to achieve a peaceful solution between the Romans and the religious fractions in Jerusalem. Jesus and Thomas went on to found the Syriac Church at Edessa, where Islam originated, and continued to take their Druid message across Asia.

This presentation reviews the evidence of British Christianity being instigated by Jesus as Cunobelinius from 10 AD at Colchester, with a date formally confirmed at 43 AD, by the Pope’s tax collector, Polidor Virgilo, who wrote a history of Britain for Henry VII while based at Wells, and by the Vatican’s famous librarian Cardinal Caesar Baronius, who almost became Pope, c.1600. This important information was also confirmed at the four Councils at Pisa 1409 A.D, Constance 1419 AD, Sienna 1423 and Basle in 1431. In AD 1933 the Vatican reaffirmed that the first Christian Church was in Britain. British academics still insist and teach that Christianity came with the arrival of Augustine of Canterbury from Rome in 595 AD, and that at the decision to adopt the Catholic principles at the Synod of Whitby in 664 AD, achieved by the Northumberland King’s casting vote, took precedence over all that had gone before. This detailed study with references now fully supports the Druid position.

For further information see www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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Learning from History Part 12
Jesus and his brother James in Britain with the Druids

Jesus is remembered by oral and written records from many sources, describing his teachings and mission to restore good government in the homelands of the British people. Within two years of the crucifixion Simon Zelotes, Aristolubus and Joseph Ha Rama Theo (James the Just) arrive in Britain. Joseph is accompanied by twelve men and women of Jesus' inner circle of advanced initiates, who were each allocated a hide of land, a reward only granted to qualified Druids. Having materially supported Gaul against Roman conquest, Britain faced a second Roman invasion in 43 AD. When Claudius' army failed to make headway in the West of Britain, the first important peace treaty resulted in Claudius building a palace for Cymbeline, father of Pendragon Caractacus,m the marriage of Caractacus; sister to General Aulus Plautus and the adoption of his daughter Gladys by Claudius. Caractacus in his later exile to Rome was unique in being provided with a palace for his family and the respect of the Senate. The genealogical records show that Jesus and James were key figures in this extended family

This presentation looks at British Druid origins of Christianity, linking family ties between Caesars and British kings, and evidence for Britain as the starting point of Jesus's mission. Christian O'Brien reveals Jesus's advanced spiritual teaching in his translations of the Askew and Bruce codices, the Surat (soul Shabd (word) Yoga (union) of the Druid and ancient world. Druidic philosophy and practice centred on the Truth Before the World, and a doctrine that: without freedom of will there is no humanity; freedom of conscience was both the birth and breath of manhood; the essence of the soul was will. Good government and peace through kingship was a fundamental requirement and religion as we know it did not exist. This contrasts from 400 AD with Augustine of Hippo's Roman Catholic doctrine of Original Sin, the denigration of women, burning libraries and killing Arian Christians, all crimes against humanity with seeds being sown for everlasting conflicts. The British Church based on freewill, education and craftsmanship was overturned - patrickfound@btinternet.com                   www.goldenageproject.org.uk

DVD available from patrickfound@btinternet.com
Jesus In Kashmir (India) - Documentary by Indian Govt  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Ecm4gMhiM&feature=related

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Learning from History Part 7
Surveyors and Astronomers of the Ancient British Isles

In presenting the scientific case for the existence of an advanced civilisation in ancient times, the examination of the work of surveyors and astronomers provides the indisputable evidence of incredible skills. Currently accepted by those who choose to study the precision building of pyramids, is the fact that they are perfectly aligned to true north, east, south and west. The star shafts of the Great Pyramid, point to Zeta Orionis and Alpha Draconis, the north and south pole stars from the Kings chamber when this pyramid was built, and from the Queens chamber where the earth was positioned before tipping on its axis around 10,850 BC. These and other features leave a very important message for us from our brilliant and benevolent ancestors.

This presentation features the recent research undertaken in Britain by Christian O'Brien, Tom Brooks, Peter Watts, Nick Mann and Philippa Glasson, and links their discoveries with the earlier world wide discoveries of Charles Hapgood, Livio Stetchini and Alexander Thom. O'Brien followed the trail back to the Levantine Corridor, identifying the angels and watchers from Kharsag, as both the surveyors and, astronomers, as well as the culture bearers, who took civilisation and agriculture around the world in around 2,000 years from a re-start of civilisation at the end of the Great Younger Dryas Ice Age from 9,400 BC. The Druidic culture of the British Isles is shown to link back to Kharsag through the Tuatha de Danaan, meaning people of the God An, An being the leader of the original small group of survivors from global cataclysm. - patrickfound@btinternet.com

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Learning from History Part 9 
Art, Jewellery and Design in tracing the path of our Homo Sapiens species

It has been said that all the evidence we have of our most ancient ancestors is contained within a few cardboard boxes of bones. Now our genetic scientists are mapping the human genome and finding the brilliance and simplicity of DNA in the creation of life. This presentation looks at art, jewelry and design in tracing the path of our ancestors and features important observations and research on Cro-magnon man from R. Cedric Leonard, and Boskop man from Professor Peiter Wagener of Port Elizabeth University, South Africa. We now know from the female exclusive mitochondrial DNA, that we can trace our female ancestor back to around 180,000 years, probably to East Africa. Surprisingly on the male equivalent Y chromosome M158 marker, all on this planet have a common male ancestor at around 50,000 BC. It may be no coincidence to find that this date coincides with the explosion in the size of our human tool kit from around 20 items to over 100, and the arrival of Cro-magnon man on the western coasts of Europe. Did he come from Atlantis ?

The historical records provide many examples of surprising sophistication and beauty. Human consciousness and creativity, clearly are a product of the freewill, social harmony and peace, promoted by our benevolent advanced Shining Ones ancestors. The more accurate O’Brien translation of Genesis 1:24 to 1:28 emphasises a basic duty of care towards all living things, in that we must take responsibility for and deploy man’s benevolent guiding hand in the good management of the planet for wildlife and people. It is alive, and our task is to so direct its growth that we create beauty and harmony, not destroy it through neglect or bad practice -

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Learning from HISTORY 14
Agricultural Origins and the Garden of Eden - Levantine Corridor Hypothesis (O’Brien 1984)
Summary of Evidence Supporting the First Domestication of Crops and Animals in the Levantine Corridor close to Mt Hermon, Southern Lebanon

Undisputed scientific and archaeological evidence locates the origins of agriculture at the end of the Great Younger Dryas Ice around 9,500 BC in the Levantine Corridor between Damascus and Jericho. The domesticated seeds and animals found in this area, quite different in many ways from their wild ancestors, arriving in the same place around the same time, provide proof of the arrival of an advanced civilisation, in what was a key glacial refuge for plants and animals. Agriculture and civilised living, along with these plants and animals, progressed and dispersed as the planet rapidly warmed throughout what is called the Holocene (wholly recent period of time). This presentation brings together in two parts much that we now know about our brilliant and benevolent ancestors, and how they took their technology and seeds around the world in the course of the following two thousand years.

For further information visit www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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Learning from HISTORY 15
Dartmoor – An Area of Outstanding Management Neglect ?
or should Dartmoor and the British Uplands be a Viable, Productive and Diverse Farmed Upland Landscape, Delivering Biodiversity ?

This presentation features the massive environmental, ecological, farming and social cataclysm in Britain, deliberately created by politicians and urban based environmentalists, overturning 6,000 years of best farming and wildlife management practices.

For further information visit www.britishwildlifemanagement.net

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Adam's Calendar

A new discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone calendar site in Mpumalanga has proven to be at least 75,000 years old, pre-dating any other structure found to date.  Southern Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history.

After a 30-year long obsession with the origins of humankind and the genetic anomalies of our species, Michael Tellinger took some time out to write Slave Species of god, which became an instant bestseller in South Africa. When Johan Heine exposed the mystery of the stone ruins of South Africa to Michael in 2007, they began an irreversible process of research that led Michael to some startling scientific conclusions and the completion of two more books, Adam’s Calendar and Temples Of The African Gods.  This lecture was filmed at the Stars and Stones Forum, UK in November 2009.                www.adamscalendar.com

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Avebury and the Cosmos of Our Ancestors

   Nicholas Mann reveals the reverence of the Neolithic people of Britain to Sun, Moon and stars and
   offers the most complete perspective on Avebury yet, balancing archaeology with astronom
   A book is due to be published on the results of his extensive research into the links between Avebury,
   the cosmos, anthropology
and the ancient wisdom of the Neolithic people.  This lecture was given at
   the Stars & Stones Forum, Bury St Edmunds, UK in November 2009.

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The Pyramid Code Debunked

Traditional Egyptology insists that the ancients were obsessed with death and used slaves to build the pyramids as tombs. Yet, looking beyond the restraints of our own cultural lenses at the symbols on temple walls, the artifacts, and the architecture of the ancient Egyptians reveal a sophisticated science, star knowledge, and an orientation to high levels of consciousness.

Dr Carmen Boulter debunks the truth of the pyramids using new scientific theories that reinterpret the hard evidence of what ancients left painting a new picture of who the ancient Egyptians may have been and the knowledge they possessed.   She is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code DVD series. Carmen has had unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there twenty times since 1977. Through embassy support, approval from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Minister of Defense, Carmen secured unprecedented access to sites and rare HD footage for this documentary.                                                                         http://www.pyramidcode.com/

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Dr Ronald Bonewitz and the Maya prophecy (17.30 ins)

Just how much knowledge do we have of the Maya prophecy due to come to a conclusion on December 23rd 2010. Dr Ronald Bonewitz examines the evidence and through his extensive research reveals quite a difference interpretation.

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Stars & Stones Forums - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK
Understanding the ancient landscape, the heavens, the dawn of agriculture, the Golden Age and the evolution of social disorder

  Two days of lectures, talks, networking, socialising, and open forums on the origins of modern
  man and his development from Cro-Magnon hunter gatherer to a sophisticated being, with
  remarkable abilities in
agriculture, animal husbandry, social organization, astronomy, surveying,
  mathematics, engineering, building
skills, artistic expression, consciousness, self awareness,
  and a belief in the transmigration of the soul.  


All the Stars and Stones Conference lectures shown below can be obtained as DVDs, please contact

   Learning from History Part 8  - Proof of an Advanced Civilisation

Edmund Marriage,
(Independent Researcher) extracts the key items of historical and scientific evidence, which when examined together, presents the proof that we are the product of an advanced civilisation and a past Golden Age.

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   Facilitating the Evolution of Consciousness 

   Konstantin Pavlidis addresses the November 2009,  Stars and Stones Forum  (47.48 Mins)

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  Learning from History Part Six - Megalithic Ruins and the Garden of Eden, filmed at the  
  Megalithomania Conference, Glastonbury   (1hr.18 mins)

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  Learning from History Part Five - History of Writing and Language Revealing Our Origins

Edmund Marriage, Independent Researcher, describes the history of writing and language and reveals the builders of the Old Kingdom pyramids - and their purpose.   (1hr.30mins)                                               www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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  Learning from His
tory Part Four - Diffusion of the Serpent Knowledge and the Golden Age of
  the Angels, Watchers and Druids

Edmund Marriage, Independent Researcher, shows how the Golden Age originated in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East 11,300 years ago and provides evidence of its diffusion around the world
(1hr. 35mins)
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  Learning from His
tory Part Three - Diffusion of Farming, Farm Technology and Megalithic
  Construction, from the Garden of Eden around the World

Edmund Marriage, Independent Researcher, shows how the development of sophisticated agriculture originated in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East 11,300 years ago and provides evidence of its diffusion around the world(1hr. 41mins)                                                                                                                                   www.goldenageproject.org.uk
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  Learning from History Par
t Two - Druidic Links from Eden/Kharsag to British Christianity

In studying the history of Jesus’ mission in Palestine and the British Church, we find that the ancient Druidic high culture, which could be described as the Abrahamic faith, had survived almost intact with the descendents of the Indo-European farming peoples, who entered the British Isles from around 4,000 BC, led  by the teachers and craftsmen of the God An.

The origins of our British Christian story is further confirmed by the Kharsag (head enclosure) Sumerian cuneiform texts, translated and published by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien in the Genius of the Few.  Our early British religious history cantering on Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury, is well supported by the most prominent Vatican historians. 
(1hr 37mins)                                                                                              www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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  Learning from History Part One - Ancient Civilisation and the Golden Age, Serpent Knowledge
  of the Shining Ones, the Watchers and the Druids

Edmund Marriage, Independent Researcher, shows how the re-interpretation of ancient texts and modern science reveals extraordinary skills in the development of sophisticated agriculture and social organisation in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East 11,300 years ago. He shows that the domestication of plants and animals can be traced back to the Sumerian Kharsag (head enclosure) also known as the Garden of Eden, and gives an update on the research confirming the location of the site north of Mt Hermon in Southern Lebanon.    (1hr 43mins)                                     www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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  Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism

Jo Marchant is a freelance journalist specialising in science and history. Her writing has appeared in publications including New Scientist, The Guardian and The Economist, and until recently she worked as opinion editor at New Scientist magazine in London.  She is the author of a new book, Decoding the Heavens that traces the 2000 year history of the world's first computer - a sophisticated device called the Antikythera mechanism from ancient Greece, via the bottom of the sea.
(1hr. 05mins)                                                                                                  www.decodingtheheavens.com

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  The story of John Dee and the Enochian/Angelic alphabet

Vincent Bridges (Leading American Historian and Researcher) is the co-author of A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross as well as co-author of Mysteries of the Great Cross at
                                  Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time.

Vincent Bridges has been instrumental in the creation of three schools or educational organizations, The Fifth Way Mystery School, The Newport Earth Institute in Newport, New Hampshire and Pendragon College, and has been a featured speaker at venues such as The International Fortean Organization’s (INFO) FortFest and the Subtle Technologies Conference.  He was also featured in The Learning Channel’s documentary Atlantis in the Andes (June 2001). He was featured on the History Channel’s documentary Nostradamus: 500 Years Later which first aired in December 2003 as the on-camera tour guide and Historical Consultant. He was also the featured historian for the History Channel’s Lost Book of Nostradamus (2007). 
(1hr 05 mins)                                                                                                            www.vincentbridges.com

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Gary Biltcliffe (Independent Researcher) Etruscan, Pelagasi and early Egyptian connections on the incredible megalithic construction skills of our ancestors. (1hr. 15 mins)

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  Suffolk's ancient stones - A vision of an Arcane landscape.

Jez Taylor describes t
his vast and beautiful heptagon in the landscape of Suffolk which centers on the great Abbey at Bury St Edmunds linking seven sites of mythic antiquity.  (55 mins)

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  The Legacy of the Etruscans

Gary Biltcliffe,
Independent Researcher,presents the ancient Pelasgi and Etruscan connections with Britain, magnificent megalithic stonework, lost cities, and the city state society of archaic Europe.  (45.25mins)

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  Climate Change - Past, Present & Future

Peter Cedrowen Taylor holds an honours degree in Natural Sciences and a Diploma in Social Anthropology from Oxford University.  He has over 25 years experience as a consultant scientist to environmental NGOs, government departments, agencies, inter-governmental bodies, the European Commission and Parliament and the UN.  His range of expertise stretches from pollution and accident risk from nuclear operations, chemical pollution of the oceans and atmosphere, wildland and wildlife ecology and conservation, to renewable energy strategies and climate change.  He has sat on several government commissions and research advisory bodies.  (1hr. 26.54 mins)                                                www.ethos-uk.com

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  The God-Kings

Professor Hugh Montgomery, medieval historian, looks at the Mesopotamian origins and beliefs of the Vikings, and the origins of the great Ulvungar dynasty, and why they opposed modern Christianity, with much of the evidence coming from the original sources.   He is the author of two books, God Kings of England and God Kings of Europe with a third due to be released in 2008, God Kings of Palestine (49.27 mins)

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  Science of Yoga

Peter Cedrowen Taylor holds an honours degree in Natural Sciences and a Diploma in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. He has over 25 years experience as a consultant scientist to environmental NGOs, government departments, agencies, inter-governmental bodies, the European Commission and Parliament and the UN.  Peter has been under the tutelage of the Himalayan master Herakhan Baba for 27 years, teaches meditation, dance movement and shamanic arts, as well as working with various healing professions.

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   Michael Hodges, West Country Historian, explains how ancient farmers created calendars to structure
   their year, using seasonal festivals marked by particular solar and lunar alignments at specific sites to
   mark the progress of the year and the timing of all important work. This system was considered so
   significant for agricultural production by the early church that it was taken over for its own purposes,
   but its original intent was still remembered in local folklore.  (58.28 mins) 

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   Stone Age Survival - Earth Energies, Fertility and the Secrets of the Stones

Hugh Newman
, Author and Earth Mysteries Researcher with special knowledge of nutrition and megaliths describes how the ancients used earth mounds, big stones and magnetic earth energy currents to enhance seeds, promote fertility and re-mineralise their food.   See Events & Courses for details of the next Megalithomania - Ultimate Stone Circle Conference in May 2008.  (1hr 5mins)                                                                                                                                    www.avalonrising.co.uk

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Michael Tellinger
- Scientist and author of Slave Species of God and Adam's Calendar (21.08 mins)

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Peter Watts
- Electrical Engineer and Mathematician 
(12.11 mins)

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Konstantin Pavlidis
- Leading Scientist
(13.11 mins)

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   John Agnew
- Conference Organiser 
(4.34 mins) 

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   Vincent Bridges - leading American Historian and Researcher  (11.50 mins)

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  Jo Marchant - Science Journalist 
(3.10 mins)

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   Barbara Joy O'Brien - Co-author of 'Genius of the Few' in conversation with Edmund Marriage
                                                                                                                                                     (32.01 mins)

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   Michael Hodges - West Country Historian  (24.10 mins)

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   Edmund Marriage
- Independent Researcher  (22.10 mins)  www.goldenageproject.org.uk

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   Hugh Newman
- Independent Researcher  (12.55 mins)   www.avalonrising.co.uk

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The Antiquarian Society  (5.31 mins)

  Stuart Mason tells us how The Antiquarian Society are creating an archive of astro-alignments at ancient
  and new sites around the world.  They aim to raise awareness about the need to protect ancient megalithic
  archaeological sites for the sake of future generations.               

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