Wild Wood Walks  (48 mins)

 Richard Lees has explored the ancient mysteries of plants as sources of food and medication. In Wild Food Walks he reveals how it is possible to survive with the woodland harvest, not by eating animals but knowing the secrets of the plants including those that can also offer more powerful health properties but taking care not to be drawn to the more poisonous varieties.

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Sound Mind, Healthy Body

Exploring how precise sound frequencies can restore energetic balance and affect healing.
Interview with Elaine Thompson (8.22 mins) > Windows Media Player

Elaine Thompson lecture 'Sound Mind, Healthy Body,  at Hourne Farm,  Kent 2010 (47.46 mins)> Windows Media Player

Healing Sanctuary
  (10.16 mins)

The spiritual healing sanctuary at Burrows Lee, Shere, in Surrey was founded in 1946 by the world-renowed healer, Harry Edwards. For over 60 years, the sanctuary has continued to serve the public as an internationally renowed healing centre.

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Healing Addictions without Drugs  (48.43 mins)

Neuro Electric Therapy (curing addiction without drugs) and the crucial follow up rehabilitation free from drugs of any kind were conducted at Yeovil NHS Hospital by Professor Karl Schmidt and Dr Meg Paterson as early as 1981 with a 90% success rate with a substantial number of people.

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Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccines

  Would you like to know whether vaccines work? Would you like to know how to avoid serious illness?
  Would you like to live feeling safe knowing treatments work? Tevor Gunn, author of Mass Immunisation,
  A Point In
Question, speaking at the Brighton Steiner School, in East Sussex, England.

Lecture - Part One (1hr. 14mins) >Windows Media Player

Lecture - Part Two (47 mins) > Windows Media Player

Lynne Franks at the Feel Good Show, Lewes, England

Lynne Franks, business woman, author, broadcaster and speaker is the founder of SEED - Sustainable
  Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics - a provider of women's learning and coaching programmes on  economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and community leadership.  Here is an excerpt of  the workshop she gave at The Feel Good Show.  (6.38 mins)  &

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Buteyko - The Breath of Life   (19.23 mins)

Ever wondered what Buteyko is?  Now you can listen to
MICHAEL LINGARD explaining simply how this wonderful method of breathing will restore your health. It can help many chronic conditions such as asthma, blood pressure, allergies etc.

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Michael Lingard  (14.52 mins)

In conversation with Michael Lingard.
When did we last think about the origins of illness and how we cure it?

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Keeping the Body in Balance with Osteopathy  (4.28 mins)

    Lin Bridgeford describes her approach to holistic care for parents and children from conception onwards.

    Her website is at

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