Druid, the documentary film

Deep within the woodland near Chichester, in West Sussex, is a sacred circle of Yew trees dating back over 1600 years. There, in the tradition of the Druids, the local Grove periodically performs the ancient rites. These gatherings are similarly enacted at many locations throughout Britain, but few see this historic event, for the Druid rites are still secret and held sacred. Our documentary, Druid, reveals an ancient spiritual community, that has flourished even before Christianity came to Britain, one that venerated nature, for the Druids revere sacred trees, planted groves particularly the Oak, Hazel and the Yew. They believed in the equality of women, in reincarnation and of the need to live in peace with one’s neighbour. In Druid, the present day followers of this ancient way of life tell the Druid story and explain the philosophy that draws them to this age-old way of life. We are invited to witness their sacred ceremonies, to listen to their music and join them on their annual circle of celebration.

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