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Robert Armstrong

Robert Armstrong’s ‘Pilgrim Soul’ is designed to awaken the reader to the vast and varied domain of spirituality. It is a guide to an unseen, but very real world of mystery that lies just outside our senses.

The author explores the migration of the Soul, its connection with God, how science and spirituality often interweave, the power of tantra in co-creation with the divine, the possibility of telepathic travel and our future path as part of a divine plan for humanity. Pilgrim Soul is an overview of this vast domain and one that may fire the reader to a wider reading of the numerous books on this important and extensive subject. We are all Pilgrim Souls and our journey through life is to reawaken our realisation that we are not just mortal, but immortal beings, whose Soul purpose is revealed at every step we take towards our ultimate destiny.

    92 Pages - £6

Forbidden Freedom is a mystical journey. A novel designed as a layman’s exploration into spiritual awareness. To achieve this, the main character Frank Mitchell, goes through a change of lifestyle. One minute he is a political animal, a member of the establishment, working at the ministry of environmental affairs and the next, dazed and wandering, he enters the forbidden zone and becomes immersed in the philosophy of the green communities.

This offers the reader an opportunity to understand aspects of spiritual teaching; the duality of the physical body with the spirit, etheric energy, reincarnation and the interconnectiveness of the human race with the natural world around us.

He forms a relationship with Rebecca, who has fled from the persecution of the authoritarian regime and therefore proves to be an ideal guide to this new experience. She introduces Frank to spiritual teachers and shows him the way of the green lifestyle.
Built into the story, is the permanent conflict between orthodox and non-orthodox ideas. This enables the story to mirror both sides of the political curtain. Into this, the author has stimulated the story with a romantic base, action and a degree of humour.
Having lived in the green community and absorbed teachings, Frank returns to his old lifestyle and for a short while appears to forget this new philosophy, until one of the spiritual teachers goes in search of him, only to be arrested, tortured and eventually to die of a heart attack. Frank is placed in a dilemma of either continuing his comfortable conventional lifestyle, or accepting that a spiritual aspect of each of us seeks a higher consciousness than simply gathering earthly treasures. 

  191 Pages - £10

     Eternal Flame  A faded map nearly a thousand years old, found in the effects of a dead uncle, led
     Roger Dane to the Languedoc area of Southern France. What it was to reveal was more than a
     clue to
a fabulous treasure; it was to unlock deep sinister secrets that were to unleash a                  savage battle between Light and Dark, a battle that would threaten the whole world. 

     Carefully woven into this fast moving, exciting story, where fact and fiction merge, are many hitherto
     unanswered questions. Why did hundreds of ordinary people born in the twentieth centuries have
     memories of the Cathars and their tragic end in the thirteenth century? Why do many still risk life
     and limb to discover the vast treasure of the Knights Templars? Did the bloodline of Jesus the
     Messiah really end on the cross at Calvary? And who are the Lords of Darkness that still hold
     enormous power in our present world?

    Robert Armstrong’s Eternal Flame combines historical fact with mysticism, romance and adventure. Doorways closed for
    centuries are reopened, ancient secrets revealed and all the time the reader is led ever deeper into a labyrinth of mystery
    and intrigue, culminating in the final battle between good and evil.                                                                                                                      

327 Pages -  £10


Ancient Knowledge The diverse pen of author Robert Armstrong enters new fields of mystery and adventure in this fast-moving, supernatural story. Set mainly in Egypt, it explores the unseen universe of parallel time, where the ancient Gods are still plunged in conflict with the forces of good and evil. Hidden beneath the narration are glimpses of the sacred rites kept secret in Karnak’s ancient temple.

It is a world where the power of the pharaoh was subservient to the will of the Gods and where, priestesses wise in the knowledge of the sacred arts, held the mystical forces of nature in balance.

Archaeologists unknowingly summon the spirit of Seth from beyond the grave and set in motion a circle of events that threatens the very existence of man. It is a battle of intrigue, love and passion where reality and fiction have no boundaries.

  243 Pages -  £10